Advancing Responsibly Is In Our DNA

At Playtika, we are dedicated to shaping the future of interactive entertainment while fostering a responsible and sustainable planet. Since our inception, our mission to create infinite ways to play has been guided by the core principles of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibility. We are focused on thriving as a leader in interactive entertainment while positively contributing to the world around us.


We firmly believe responsible business practices are fundamental to our long-term success. Our commitment to ESG principles is deeply rooted in our DNA and reflects our unwavering dedication to creating positive, memorable and meaningful experiences for our community of team members, shareholders and players worldwide.

Our Past, Our Future

For years, we have quietly and diligently implemented initiatives across our company that align with the ESG pillars. We have made strides in environmental sustainability, fostered a diverse and inclusive workplace and upheld high standards of corporate governance.


At Playtika, environmental consciousness is a cornerstone of our ESG philosophy, and we continuously seek innovative ways to enhance our ecological stewardship. In our commitment to Environmental responsibility, we focus on optimizing energy consumption, particularly within our server infrastructure, to reduce our environmental impact. Furthermore, we operate with a sustainability mindset in all our office locations, diligently working to minimize waste and promote responsible practices. In addition to energy efficiency, we actively maintain policies and launch initiatives to ensure minimal waste generation and foster sustainability.


In the Social dimension, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and fulfillment of our player community. We invest in player well-being initiatives, including responsible gaming features, to provide a secure and enjoyable gaming environment. Simultaneously, we remain equally dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce across geographies and cultures.


From a Governance perspective, in addition to our Playtika values, we operate within a robust code of ethics that guides our decision-making processes. This commitment to ethical conduct ensures we uphold high standards of corporate governance and transparency in all our operations.

While our philosophy and efforts have always aligned with the pillars of ESG, we have not shared our philosophy, approach, initiatives and outcomes with our stakeholders in a purposeful way. We acknowledge that we are at the beginning of a new chapter in our journey, one that calls for greater transparency, engagement and communication.

The Path Forward

As of 2023, we are taking proactive steps to strengthen our ESG foundation and to share our story more comprehensively. We are proud of the progress we have made thus far, and even more enthusiastic about the road ahead.

Our Commitment to Progress

Our inaugural ESG report marks a significant milestone, allowing us to communicate our ESG initiatives, progress and performance in a more transparent and accountable manner.


By sharing our ESG philosophy, initiatives and outcomes, we aim to engage, inspire and collaborate with you to create a better world together. We invite all our stakeholders, including players, partners, employees and communities, to join us