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Playtika Grants Wish for Lucky Kentucky Resident

January 2020
Rose Porter from, Kentucky, entered Caesars ‘Wish Upon a Star’ contest, and became a country singer

Ashland Kentucky, 14 January 2020; When waitress Rose Porter told Caesars that she wished she could be a country singer, she never thought it would come true. Having auditioned for X-Factor in the past and waitressing at a local karaoke bar, it was her dream to be a start and perform on-stage.


Free-to-play mobile game Caesars asked its players to ‘Wish Upon a Star’ for Christmas, inviting them to make any request. Some players asked for world peace, and others for help with in-game challenges, or trips to Disney, but of the over 2,000 wishes that were submitted, Rose’s story stood out as unique and meaningful. The team hand selected a few wishes to be fulfilled, chief of which was that of Rose Porter, who asked to by a country singer.


The Caesars’ VIP team flew out to Ashland, Kentucky, spending 3 days with Rose and treating her like a star – with a makeover by a professional stylist, vocal lessons, and a shopping spree, culminating in a concert supported by a professional country band.


Rose Porter, winner of the Wish Upon a Star event said, “I never thought this would come from a game - I’m 50 years old, and I’ve still got a dream, and Caesars have made it come true for me. Performing on that stage was a dream come true, and I’m going into 2020 with a huge spring in my step.”


Caesars free-to-play mobile game is owned by mobile games company Playtika Ltd., whose titles include Bubble Island, Pirate Kings and Bingo Blitz, with over 27 million monthly users across its titles.


Natali Gal, Head of Player Relations at Caesars said, “This could not have happened to a nicer, more deserving person. Rose is an amazing woman who truly embraced this experience, her energy was infectious throughout the 3 days our team spent with her. At Caesars, we attempt to create an enjoyable experience through our app, our site, or through our Facebook game, and judging by the footage I’ve seen, Rose put on a Nashvile worthy performance in Kentucky.”


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