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John Goodman Stars in Advertising Campaign for Slotomania

September 2020

  • John Goodman’s newest role is his most unique to date.

    The Hollywood star, currently starring in the hit HBO series The Righteous Gemstones, is scheduled to appear in a new advertising campaign for Slotomania as… a finger.

    Here’s why...

    A hilarious TV commercial, going out nationwide

    Hollywood royalty John Goodman is starring in a hilarious new TV commercial for Slotomania –The #1 Free Social Slots game in the world* and one of the top grossing apps in the Apple App Store and Google Store.

    Animated as a talking finger, the star takes viewers through an average day in the dull and gloomy life of an index finger.

    He’s endlessly tapped against a table, squashed against ‘boring buttons’ on a phone screen and ends up in many unpleasant situations. He even finds himself shoved inside a hairy nostril. John Goodman’s life as a finger is far from enjoyable.

    But the situation isn’t hopeless – one download of Slotomania and life as a finger opens up to a new world of fun and enjoyment. “That, ladies and gentlemen, is excitement”, John Goodman proclaims, and no day is ever boring or repetitive again.

    What is Slotomania?

    Slotomania is the #1 Free Social Slots game in the world* that aims to provide its players with surprises and thrilling moments every single day.

    Slotomania is a pioneering casino-themed game that offers daily entertainment and virtual prizes.
    Players can increase their in-game loyalty benefits as they progress in the game.

    Slotomania attracts 4 million players every month. confirming What makes Slotomania so popular is the fun, challenging and interactive gameplay. The game dedicates itself to providing daily excitement with thrilling moments. Daily excitement and making new friends are central to the Slotomania experience. As John Goodman’s character explains in the commercial, “you never know what will today spin”, from a “new free slot game” to a “new friend for life”.

    The filming

    The commercial was directed by Grammy Award Nominees Gal Muggia and Vania Heyman, most well-known for their work with major partners such as Apple, Nike and Coldplay for their music video “Up & Up”.

    Filming the commercial with John Goodman was a unique experience for all involved as the cast and crew were treated to yet another entertaining performance from this much-loved actor.

    The commercial will air across national broadcasting networks in the US starting October 5th 2020.

    Speaking from the set, John Goodman said:

    It has been a lot of fun to film this commercial for Slotomania. I can definitely say this is a unique role in my career and the chance to act out a day in the life of an index finger was unforgettable! I really hope everyone enjoys the commercial and has as much fun as I did in filming it.”

    Slotomania General Manager, Mickey Sonnino adds:

    “I am very excited to finally share our new campaign for Slotomania. Slotomania has been an industry pioneer for over 10 years and we still have big plans for the future of our favorite game. We pride ourselves on creating a fun and exciting experience for our players every day and we are only getting started!”