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Hollywood Star Jane Seymour transforms from Miss Solitaire into Solitaire Grand Harvest explorer!

HERZLIYA,Israel, July
Playtika Holding Corp.

Fashion icon and Hollywood star, Jane Seymour, has embarked on a new digital adventure. Together with Solitaire Grand Harvest®, the #1 highest grossing Solitaire mobile game in the US* from Supertreat® GmbH (a Playtika® studio). Jane will bring her silver screen flare to mobile phone screens around the world in a campaign highlighting the great appeal of combining nostalgia with innovation – something both Solitaire Grand Harvest and Jane Seymour are known and loved for.

Solitaire Grand Harvest reinvents the nostalgic fun of the much-loved card game by inviting fans of the original to enjoy playing it in a new way: All of the fun of the card game, within a fun digital farm filled with lovable characters, mini-challenges and virtual farm building for an upgraded player experience. Players grow and harvest crops, build and design their personal farms and progress through challenging Solitaire levels within the popular free-to-play mobile app; a place for personal growth and relaxation.

Jane famously played the Bond girl, Solitaire, in the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die. Now she will transform into an avatar and feature as the first ‘real’ person inside the magical farm narrative of the world-leading solitaire game.

In a commercial launched this week, Seymour befriends Sam, the loveable farm dog and main character in Solitaire Grand Harvest. From September, the star will enter the Solitaire Grand Harvest app. Players will join her and Sam for an exciting expedition inside the game.

Behind the scenes of the commercial, Seymour said: “Solitaire is a game that I have loved to play since I was a little girl! I love it because it taxes your brain, but at the same time it is easy enough to get into.”

“Solitaire Grand Harvest is cute as can be. What is great about it is that you can enter it having never played the game before. You also get to build a farm and feel like you have achieved something at the end!”

Amir Coifman, General Manager of Solitaire Grand Harvest, said: “We are beyond excited to work with Jane Seymour, she is a true fan of traditional solitaire and a great ambassador for the future of the game. There is a lot in common between Jane’s life and interests and what Solitaire Grand Harvest is about, which is why it is brilliant that she will be the first ever human character in our game. We look forward to launching the new gameplay in September and hope our community, and new players, will enjoy seeing Jane and Sam the dog explore our world of nostalgic fun together!”

Solitaire Grand Harvest is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

*According to, Solitaire Grand Harvest is the #1 highest grossing Solitaire game in the US for the period March 2021 to April 2022 (iOS and Google Play Combined, among Solitaire - Tabletop subgenre Taxanomy per's Game IQ Taxanomy).

About Solitaire Grand Harvest®

Solitaire Grand Harvest is the #1 highest grossing Solitaire game in the US*, re-inventing the nostalgic fun of the much-loved game with an estimated 2 million active players per day from across the globe. Solitaire Grand Harvest provides a daily dose of personal growth to its community in a fun, relaxing atmosphere as they grow and harvest crops, build and design their personal farm and progress through thousands of challenging Solitaire levels.

About Supertreat® GmbH
Supertreat GmbH, the Austria-based software developer established in 2016, created one of the most successful and unique mobile app games Solitaire Grand Harvest. In 2019 the company was acquired by social games company Playtika.

About Playtika® Holding Corp.

Playtika Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: PLTK) is a mobile gaming entertainment and technology market leader with a portfolio of multiple game titles. Founded in 2010, Playtika was among the first to offer free-to-play social games on social networks and, shortly after, on mobile platforms. Headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, and guided by a mission to entertain the world through infinite ways to play, Playtika has offices worldwide and employs over 4,000 employees.